By Neil @ Racstone.com 

It is important to choose a bathroom that is long lasting and won’t become outdated in a year or two. Here are some tips in creating a timeless and traditional bathroom that will stand the test of time.

Have a free-standing bathtub, these are modern but also very traditional.

Pedestal basins are a classic design that will not outdated. You can get these in lots of shapes and sizes to suit what you need.

Waterfall taps are a good modern yet traditional asset in any bathroom

Waterfall showerheads are also a modern fixture that is here to stay and will keep your bathroom from getting outdated.

A black and white theme adds a timeless elegance and is perfect for any traditional bathroom.

Finally, complete your bathroom with traditional accessories, for example, mirrors, and towels. Make sure you get coordinated items of the same color to keep your bathroom looking modern and fresh.


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