Choosing The Perfect Family Bathroom

By Nic Green @ Racstone.com May 2017

When choosing a family bathroom there are many different factors you need to take into consideration. Especially all the needs of the different people in your family.


Here are a few things you should consider:

Appearance – what kind of look, design and colors you want in your bathroom

Each individual in your family – Mothers may want a relaxing sanctuary whereas kids may want a bath time adventure and teenagers may want to just wash and go.

Here are a few things you should think about before you design your perfect family bathroom.


Shower or bath?

Do you want a shower for quick easy access? This is useful if you are limited on space. Or would you prefer a bath, for a relaxing experience and a good space for children to play. Or why not go for the best of both worlds?


Storage space

Think about what you would like to do with your extra storage space? Do you need a space for toiletries, towels or toys? And where would you like to put these storage units. There are so many options to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible so you can make the most of your bathroom space.


Design and decor

In a family bathroom, you must always consider safety and wear and tear. Make sure all your appliances are safe for your children and that you don’t invest in flimsy fixtures and fittings that will break easily. Light colors on bathroom walls can become high-maintenance as they’re prone to becoming marked, scratched and mucky – so try instead go for easy to clean options like tiles.

Remember you can always look for inspiration online for ideas but the best thing to do is to ask your family!

How to Cloakroom

By David halling @ Rastone.com


Bathrooms come in all shapes and size, today's blog post will focus on who to achieve your ideal bathroom in a small space, without compromising on style. Using these steps you can attain the bathroom of your dreams.


Measurements, measurements, measurements!

The most important factor when it comes to small bathrooms is taking accurate measurements. Once you have a realistic idea of the space you have to work with, ideas can really come to life. The key to this is to take many measurements, from different angles and to always keep in mind space for extras like plumbing and ventilation.


Essentials Only

When working with a small space, only buy things you need. For example, a cloakroom bathroom will not usually fit a large unit like a shower or bath, instead only a toilet and sink will be sufficient. Stick with essential items for your cloakroom to reduce unnecessary costs

Our stylish corner basins are perfect for a cloakroom and can be matched with a corner toilet to optimize space. Slightly larger cloakroom bathrooms could fit a close coupled toilet should fit in comfortably, however, if saving space is your main objective then our compact then our back to wall toilets and wall hung toilets are perfect.


Keep it clean

The smaller the space, the more impact clutter will make. This can make your bathroom look cramped and smaller than it actually is. Using incorporated storage units is the best way to do avoid this messy look. Back to wall toilets can be fitted as part of a combined unit if you want to add storage but don’t have space for a separate unit. Our MySpace combination units are ideal for this and come in a variety of colors and finishes.


Stay light, bright and airy

Although dark colors can be slimming on your body, when decorating your cloakroom bathroom its best to avoid these hues. Generally, light colors are always best in a small space. Crisp, white tiles really open up the room, when paired with small injections of color via accessories such as bathmats and soap holders to avoid the room looking too plain. Again, sticking with neutral or pale flooring that creates the illusion of space.

Large windows with roller blinds or lightly frosted glass work a lot nicer than curtains with heavy dressings in order to preserve your privacy.


If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, then mirrors can be a great alternative. By reflecting the light, mirrors create the illusion of more space. If you don’t have the size for a large mirror, a medium sized mirror paired with mirrored wall tiles as a border would also work wonderfully. Our new models of mirrors with lights gives a double whammy effect, these are also available at on our site.


Planning for your bathroom

By Safia @ Racstone 


When planning for your bathroom first decide where you want the toilet, bath and sink to be. These will be decided depending on the where your pipes are and where they connect. It is important you know where these are before you begin.


Decide on your products

After this you should decide what other things you want in your bathroom. Do you want a bidet, other bathroom furniture, rugs, side sinks? You must consider how much room you have and what kind of look you are going for.

Here are some steps to take before you start your new bathroom plan:

1. Plan what you want

Look at your current bathroom and decide what you want to keep and what you don’t need. Make a rough plan on paper as this will help you when you buy your bathroom.


2. Consider the size of the room

Be realistic about how much space you have and what you can and cannot fit into the bathroom. Think about where certain products can fit and whether you need to do any extra work. E.g. Knocking out walls to create more space.


3. Stick to the same theme

When choosing accessories for your bathroom always go for the same theme. They will usually be sold in matching ranges, this will help your bathroom look stylish and modern.


4. Change the color of the walls

Instead of completely revamping your bathroom why not just change the paint on the walls. This is a quick, easy and cheap way of transforming your bathroom in a short amount of time.


5. Lighting

Lighting is one of the best ways to make a bathroom appear brighter and more aesthetically pleasing. Consider what type of lighting you want and what type of mirrors.



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