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The hottest trend for 2017 interior design is open plan bathrooms. If you are stuck with an old space that needs updating, then open plan is worth considering.

Many of the top design companies are bringing the idea of merging the bathroom into a single open area which creates a fluid space in areas that are quite traditionally limited due to its clear boundaries.

Although the idea of this project may seem daunting, it is actually quite easy, especially when working with our team. If your floor plans already include an en-suite wet room, half the work is already done. Thought must be put in to dividing the space, in a way that doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetic.

The first thing most people think about when it comes to open plan bathrooms is the odor and condensation, but there is no need to worry. We have a vast range of options for this and at prices to suit all budgets. So, if you want to be at the cutting edge of cool, read on to find out our industry tips.


Not all baths stand FREE

Another way to stay on trend is to get creative with your bath. The plain white, attached to the wall can be an outdated look. Especially when it comes to an open plan bathroom, the world is your oyster. These days it’s easy to buy the type of bath that says something about your personality. Recently, designers have a great deal more freedom when it comes to creating more sculpted, flowing lines due to new materials that can be used. The new developments aren’t limited to just the shape of baths but also exotic colours and daring finishes. Anything is possible.


TAPS on deck

After you’ve decided on your bath, it’s time for the cherry on top, the taps.

Taps tie everything together neatly like a bow on a present whilst making a strong statement about you. Again, everything from brushed nickel and bronze, to waterfall taps and floor mounted fillers can be purchased but our top tip is to pick an overall theme and buy your taps to fit in with it, after that it’s hard to go wrong.


Storage Storage Storage  

Storage is an important element of any bathroom to make it look amazing but also for functionality. Classics like wood or white gloss finishes that have timeless appeal, we offer bespoke solutions that can get you using ever centimeter of space, fitted items are perfect for this and if you have a small bathroom then our wall-mounted furniture provides the best way to create the illusion of more floor space.


Tech in the Tub

If you want the most luxury bathroom, we can help you achieve your vision, right to the smallest detail. Underfloor heating keeps the bathroom at a comfortable temperature and feels heavenly to walk upon. Heated towel racks not only make the bathroom look stylish but also keep towels warm and dry ready to use for that spa like experience in the comfort of your own home.

Dimmer switches allow you to alter the ambiance of the bathroom, dim the lights low for a feeling of calm and relaxation after a hard day of work. Illuminated mirrored cabinets and mirrors create task lighting for when you’re applying make-up or shaving but also create a stunning focal point for key features in the bathroom.

Soft close options on toilet seats, drawers and cabinet doors increase your comfort in the open plan bathroom.

To further create your ideal bathroom experience, waterproof TV ensure that you don’t miss a minute of your favorite soaps whilst in the tub and automatically demisting mirrors mean that’s another thing taken care of. Shaver sockets, LED lighting, sensor operated controls and even Bluetooth and concealed speakers can be fitted so you can listen to your favorite music or audiobooks.



With so many options available, the rule book is truly out of the window, so let your creativity run loose and put your interior design skills to the test. Our range of products will help you bring your ideal bathroom to life.

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